The Getaway
El Escapado

The Getaway

El Escapado - The Getaway


El Escapado, a punk band hailing from Nashville, bring us their first record that is being released on Stik Man Records. One of the songs that really stuck out for me was "Battle With The Bottle". A song, paired with an old school aesthetic, blended into a current and revamped sound, dances around with a love note to the drinking anthem. They did this gracefully without overdoing it and sounding cliché and we all thank you for this. The sound of this band is definitely their own and you can already hear on their first release that they are becoming comfortable in their own skin. Another one of the songs that stood out to me is "What’s Wrong With You?" A blistering onslaught of a song, the way a punk rock tune should be written, fast and uncompromising. Judging from the song title and the lyrical content, there is a reason why this certain song creates an air about it. I mean just the song title "What’s Wrong With You?" is something I think all of us can identify with, whether that be with our own selves or the more likely culprit, it being someone else. One way or the other we have all been there. I can’t help but hear some early Avail when I listened to this record. It isn’t just the melodies or the song structure but the sense of urgency that the album projects. These are the beginnings of something if left untreated could turn into a force that will leave a defining imprint on not only their own local music scene but on the scene itself. The songs comprised on this album are peppered with the traditional gang vocals and the feel of the band has an undeniable ’90’s punk / hardcore vibe to it. There lays the foundation of the before mentioned early Avail references, or at least to that timeline and place in our collective memories of the punk and hardcore scene during the early to mid nineties. Regardless of the comparisons, the band retains a sturdy image of what they want. Appearing very comfortable to be seated alongside relevant peers and contemporaries in the modern punk scene. "The Getaway" clocks in just less than fifteen minutes long. As most good, straight to the point, no frills punk records will do. - Rob Horner

1: Escapado    
2: The Muse    
3: What’s Wrong With You    
4: The Eagle Is Watching    
5: Medal Of Horror    
6: Battle With The Bottle    
7: The Escape