Dirty and Common
The Blood Boys

Dirty and Common

The Blood Boys - Dirty and Common


The Blood Boys, hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, hold tight the tradition of classic American punk rock. Fast, no frills, straight to the point songwriting with some gang vocals popping in here and there but if you listen very carefully you can hear some undertones of southern rock mixed into their sound. It has a sense of nostalgia from bands of years past but retains a sense of being one into their own. The band consists of Hero on Vocals, Joseph taking up Guitar/Vocals, KD on Bass/Vocals and Joey on Drums. The Blood Boys first record "Dirty and Common" has ten songs that wrap up in under thirty minutes and was first released on the 12th of February 2014. The band calls Stik Man Records home, which is also run by the band. A direction many artists are taking these days, which I fully support 100%. The Blood Boys is a good representation of Punk Rock in the south and the rich, diverse punk scene Nashville has boasted for many, many years now. I would expect to hear more and more from this band in the coming future. They seem to have dialed in a sound they want and they are going to cultivate it and go for it anyway they can. Viva Nashvegas!!! - Rob Horner

1: Blood Boys    
2: Skateboard Summer listen  
3: Dirty and Common    
4: Vultures    
5: Rock n Roll and Die    
6: Kern County Trash    
7: Gun Fight    
8: Angry Vest    
9: Revelations listen  
10: Parasite