Made in TN
The Reserves

Made in TN

The Reserves - Made in TN


Made in Tennessee is the first EP from Nashville’s own, The Reserves. It came to be through the brute force of honest working class men and the sacred four B’s (boots, beer, boobs, and BBQ). If you are looking for an American Oi sound that will give you a shiner and insatiable thirst for a pint of ale (probably because you’ll keep spilling it in the pit), look no further. This EP is like a primal scream from the boot strapped soul of a working class warrior. After hearing their version of the American Folk song, "Shenandoah", like a drunken, homeward bound sailor you’ll be shouting, "Oh Reserves, I long to hear you!"

1: Noise City    
2: All Work No Pay    
3: Shitmouth    
4: Shenandoah    
5: Bittersweet Toast    
6: Noise City Outro