Safety Net
Mad Choice

Safety Net

Mad Choice - Safety Net


Safety Net by Israel’s Mad Choice is a refreshing yet nostalgic album full of fast-assed 90’s style melodic skate punk. Teenage angst has followed us into adulthood and this album serves as a reminder to always shred and grind all the problems away. It proves the glory days are alive and well no matter what country you are from. The lyrics are simple and show an honest defiance while displaying their love of skateboarding, politics, and love itself. Skate punks young and old will hit the pavement when they listen to Mad Choice. Safety Net will make you drain your neighbor’s pool and throw a house party. It will instantly make you a skateboarding pro. Well, that's not true, but damn you’ll feel like one.

1: Swallowing A Shotgun    
2: Not Like I’m Told    
3: Long Gone    
4: Freak Out    
5: On & Off    
6: Beam Me Up    
7: Just Like Wine    
8: 4 Down    
9: I Remember    
10: Stop    
11: Safety Net    
12: 1 2 3 4