Eagle Street EP
Desperate Measures

Eagle Street EP

Desperate Measures - Eagle Street EP


"It isn’t every day that you tune into some ragged punk and get to hear a woman completely tear apart her vocal chords. But that’s exactly what you get with Desperate Measures’ debut Stik Man Records EP, Eagle Street. If there’s ever been a female equivalent to Leftover Crack and Star Fucking Hipsters vocalist ‘Stza Crack’, it’s front woman Alix. And for this I applaud the band for bucking trends and working against the whole ‘female vocals = clean vocals’ myth.

Aided by male bandmates Mark and Nick (who sometimes sound like Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen), Alix carries Eagle Street affront a backdrop of tattered riffs, forceful percussion, and scattered tempos. ‘Brickwall Junkie’ kicks off with a quick and catchy bass line that gets under your skin throughout the course of its three-minute run time. But these tracks are more than just primitive streetwise punk. Rather, Mark and Nick offer some dual guitar goodness ensuring that beneath these collective layers of crust rests a well planned sequence of evolving chords. For example, the succinct ‘I Don’t Know What I Did Last Night’ might start with the frenzied ranting of alcohol induced memory loss, but somewhere along the line develops into a gang vocal bolstered sing along. And when the tempo slows to a gut-wrenching crawl, as per the opening on ‘Burn It Down’, Desperate Measures never loses a lick of their sporadic mind-set.

Returning to Leftover Crack/Star Fucking Hipsters, Desperate Measures finds fuel in a similarly unruly view of society. Alix’s first words scream of discontent as she sets the tone with the tortured battle cry, ‘gotta get out or I’ll die’. Later we learn of the band’s distrust for authority, as most tracks trumpet an ‘everyone-is-out-to-get-us’ mentality. Desperate Measures is a problem - rather than solution - based band offering quick reactions rather than true solutions (i.e. the simple, vindictive direction of ‘Burn It Down’). But even if you don’t agree with every radical assessment, you can always seek comfort in their uplifting execution.

This town is slowly killing me/I’ll leave my friends and enemies... Fuck your town... No place like home’ belts Alix as she speaks on what seems like the band’s most affectionate level, making clear that for all their anger and distrust, they still have a deep rooted sense of belonging. They may be jaded and angry, but it’s only because of their love for an inclusive, welcoming community. And while Eagle Street might be a bit simplistic and shy away from solutions, Desperate Measures nails their sloppy style and makes for a rousing introduction."   -Cole Faulkner (ThePunkSite.com)

1: Brick Wall Junkie    
2: Caution    
3: I Don’t Know (What I Did Last Night)    
4: Burn It Down    
5: Reelfoot Ave.