Corroded Music
for the Masses -
Volume I

Stik Man Records
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Corroded Music for the Masses - Volume I
(Compilation CD)
 STIK MAN RECORDS (Various Artists)

Stik Man Records - Corroded Music for the Masses - Volume I


"If you’re unfamiliar with Nashville-based punk and metal home Stik Man Records, then there’s no better starting place than the label’s first ever compilation, Corroded Music For The Masses Vol. 1. Swollen at a sizable twenty-five tracks, the compilation presents newcomers with everything on the label: past, present, and even future. Up until now, Stik Man has been somewhat of a local phenomenon, but after a few good years the label now has their footing, and with Corroded Music…, seems ready to unleash their raw brand of punk upon the world.

This is a compilation for those fed up with the modern polish of over thought production values and squeaky-clean performances; those who revel in the muddy grit of imperfections and rally behind the cries of individualistic thought and anti-oppressive messages. In other words, everything on Corroded Music… screams unabashed passion, conflict, and ready to run headlong into the world regardless of consequence.

The album opens with a combination of Stik Man’s most recent releases and heavy hitters. To my delight, my favourite Stik Man artist, The Carry Ons, kicks off the project with ‘The War Is Over’, a ska laced track that dares to dream the impossible. Then comes melodic punk rockers The Bitter End with a dose of classic 90’s punk rock in ‘My Heart Is Dead’, and the singable near-croon of Courtesy Murder on ‘Westbound Train’. As if aware to keep things fresh, they throw on The Creeping Cruds for a little B-movie comedy with the southern tinge in ‘I Was A Teenage Werewolf’, before moving on to a couple other familiar faces with label owner KD’s Fist Of The North Star and alumni act Vonnegut. And that’s where my personal familiarity ends and a great trek of discovery begins.

For those who always whining, ‘punk is dead’, this compilation is an absolute treasure trove of discovery. Everything on here - including that which I just mentioned - is fast, furious, and unforgiving. The Loaded Nuns know how to walk the line between melody and chaos with a sound like something out of the very early 90’s, Last Hope Down makes for a convincing argument that the 80’s never ended, Eighty Sixed nails that DIY basement sound, Noisecult gives a real tough as nails rock’n roll performance, Misplaced My Zombie is an awesome exercise in Bad Religion inspired woahs, and The Loose Screws gives a really gruff performance that should be a hit with fans of No Idea Records releases.

I think The Dirty Works’ southern tinged ‘Bible Belt’ sums it up best though when they belt out the smirk raising chorus ‘living in the bible belt/hell no no way hell no no way we can win/living in the bible belt/everything we do is a sin’. If we were living a hundred years back, everything on Nashville based Corroded Music… would get these bands burned at the steak. Overall, the album is a very strong collection of overlooked (until now?) but outspoken groups that have found a fitting home with Stik Man Records. Sure, some tracks are a little simpler than others and wouldn’t likely hold up as well on their own (i.e. The Vivs’ ‘Slave’), but together they feel right at home on Corroded Music For The Masses Vol. 1.

I recently dismissed the merit of the modern paid compilation, but now Corroded Music… has me questioning myself - and that says a lot. So if you’re unfamiliar with Stik Man and their roster, there’s no better introduction than this delightful pile of southern rejects."   -Cole Faulkner (

1: The War Is Over - The Carry-Ons    
2: My Heart Is Dead - The Bitter End    
3: Northbound Train - Courtesy Murder    
4: I Was A Teenage Werewolf - The Creeping Cruds    
5: Go To Hell - The Loaded Nuns    
6: Hatchet Wound - Fist of the North Star    
7: Inspiration - Last Hope Down    
8: Stand - Eighty Sixed    
9: Drink Fucking Beer - The Loose Skrews    
10: My War My Enemy - Noisecult    
11: Bloody Knuckles - Vonnegut    
12: Too Cool - Cretin Grims    
13: Start The Riot - Disobedients    
14: Bricks Will Fall - No Revolution    
15: Slave - The Vivs    
16: Bible Belt - The Dirty Works    
17: Dingle Jingle - Misplaced My Zombie    
18: Release My Lies - Death of a Union    
19: Swallowing Shit - The Fakes    
20: Deathblow - Dollar Llama    
21: Burn It Down - Desperate Measures    
22: Smash Everything - The Noname    
23: Hit And Run - Foster Parents    
24: Couldn’t Say No - Radio Death Wave    
25: STD - Dirty Dee and the Sweaty Meet