Under the Hurricane
Dollar Llama

Under the Hurricane

Dollar Llama - Under the Hurricane


"The Portuguese Dollar Llama have the best record of 2009. Stoner rock flows to metal with a strength that never falters, even in the most melodic parts. For those who enjoy powerful riffs and bass, Dollar Llama ensure quality music that transcends geography..."   -Ricardo Gross (Barreira De Som)

"...After seven years of existence the Portuguese Dollar Llama finally release their debut and make it the best way possible. Under the Hurricane features the destructive power of hardcore and catchy southern rock that fits somewhere between Alabama Thunderpussy and Down.

The result is an album full of energy, weight, and melodies that quickly grab the listener and it delivers a nice load of punches. What we think lies within the realm of metalcore and emocore, somewhat en vogue around here (and all over the world), ultimately results in an abrasive approach to heavy rock which is unparalelled in our country and this may represent something quite positive.

Although the year is only half done, its found a serious contender for release of the year on the national scene! A real hurricane!"   -Opuskulo.Blogspot

"Dollar Llama originate from Portugal, but if we said they were from the southern United States, you’d never know the difference. Powerful Stoner Rock mixed with Seattle Grunge with a hint of vintage 70’s, these Portuguese debut in style with Under The Hurricane. The record shows that the 7 years of the band were well used.

…In general, we have a massive dose of Rock .. n.. Roll rough and ready and addictive. Simple with melodic choruses that are memorable, making it difficult not to sing along. Tracks like ‘Deathblow’, ‘Life’ and ‘Over Rated’ reflect exactly that.

The guitars are strong and the mix between mighty Southern riffs and Grunge works well. It is also evident, to a lesser degree, they are influenced by bands that mix modern hardcore with Southern as Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Every Time I Die, for example.

Singer Tiago Simões, also uses several elements in the construction of his voice, reminiscent of Godsmack at various times. A kind of Sully Erna … with balls! …Dollar Llama perform a style not widely known in Portugal, so you can not make many comparisons, but even placed near other similar bands abroad, they stand out in the crowd. Well done, powerful and fun. Great debut!"   -Matheus Moura (Hornsup Magazine Issue 7)

1: Attempt to Fail    
2: Deathblow    
3: Collide    
4: Present Burned    
5: Too Fast, Too Close    
6: Came Away    
7: Life    
8: Over Rated    
9: Legacy of Nothing    
10: Never Forgive, Never Forget