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  Is Anyone Listening?
The Carry-Ons

Let It Come
The Carry-Ons

Is Anyone Listening?

The Carry-Ons - Is Anyone Listening?

Is Anyone Listening? - The Carry-Ons

"While the music is fast and furious, it drips with irresistible harmonies and melodies that even the most hardcore at heart can’t resist... I highly recommend checking out The Carry-ons if you’re interested in solid melodic punk-n-roll bands that aren’t rehashed rock bands."

"Enjoyable record from start to finish... Hard and gritty but anthemic and rarely dipping in high energy stakes. A great transition of hardcore and melody with ska rhythm."   -Distorted Magazine

"The Carry-Ons are good about taking the best parts of old and new punk and bringing them together to make a blend that is pure without losing that classic sound and without sounding dated."

"Damn this one is definitely up there for ‘album of the issue’, it’s immense! ...They manage to mix styles up within the songs and even avoid it sounding messy, it really works. From skate punk sounds, to ska parts (no brass!), to crusty punk, this is one seriously impressive record. Well recorded, well mixed and the songs really keep you interested. ...I can't really sing this album’s praises enough. The Carry-Ons have offered up a real masterpiece in my opinion and I can’t wait to hear what they follow it up with... Do go check this band out people!"   -Mr. T (Lights Go Out, Issue 7)

1: Fuck the Cliché    
2: The War Is Over    
3: Arrows in the Air    
4: Common Cents    
5: Zero In    
6: Recovery    
7: Middle Finger Paintings    
8: Say the Word    
9: No Question    
10: I Remember    
11: Now You Know    
12: Apocalypse Song    
13: The Effect    
14: The Proof